Technical Communication and Interactive Design

The Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication

Are you the person everyone goes to for an explanation on how something works? Do you like to use words, images, and video to explain a concept? If this sounds like you, then you may be a technical communicator.

The Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication provides students a hands-on approach to developing the skills needed to serve in the field of technical communication as user experience designers, data visualization specialists, and instructional designers in various digital environments. Our emphasis in this program is to create students who can customize information so audiences can understand new concepts and complex ideas.

This approach to technical communication merges technical knowledge and information design with an ultimate focus on understanding audience. Students will take classes in technical writing, technical research, front-end development, and visual design while also selecting a concentration in Data Analysis and Presentation, Technical Training, or User Experience Design.

This major mixes traditional and modern technical communication practices, theory, and project based application classes. For instance, classes like Research in Technical Communication and Technical Writing allow students to work on strengthening their use and application of traditional and newer industry practices from the very beginning of their coursework. Theory classes, like Technical Communication: Theory, Ethics, and Practice, allow students to expand their knowledge of theory as it relates to the creation of content. During their final semester, students will take Portfolio and create an exceptional digital portfolio of their work which will hone their competencies for the job market and build networking skills that will help land their first career position.

Jobs in the field of technical communication exist as part of engineering teams, software development groups, healthcare innovation companies, and as in-house employees for a range of businesses, non-profit, and government organizations. Jobs include:  Technical Writer/Editor, Content Developer, User Experience Designer, and Instructional Designer. While each of these jobs can mean something different depending on the context, they all, in some form, focus on the communication

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